HR Outsourcing

What is HRO or HR Outsourcing?

HR Outsourcing is basically the allotment of specific HR activities to a more specialized third party service provider. This is primarily done in order for business owners to stay in route to their more important goal of growing their business and to cut down costs. It also allows HR to transform from an operational and supporting function to a strategic and business function.

Some of the benefits of HRO are:

  • Improved Office Performance
    Improve office performance by setting more descriptive job qualifications and expectations with insight from an HR team.
  • Increased Company Efficiency
    Increase company efficiency by allowing employees to focus on the business instead of payroll and paperwork.
  • Lowered Costs
    Lower overhead and other labor costs by allowing your HR firm to handle the paperwork and mandatory training.
  • Reduced Liability
    Reduce company liability that comes with hiring (and firing).


of companies outsource some HR function


of companies with $1 billion+ annual revenues are now considering HRO


of organizations want HR to have strategic alignment with business


of HR time and effort is spent on routine, transactional work

Global CEOs stated that Business Model Innovation has the greatest impact on operating margin growth than product and service innovation!

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Our consulting led approach is our key differentiator

While some costs savings are to be gained from an HRO exercise, there are plenty of tangible and intangibles that make HRO effective. Our consulting led approach will ensure a custom HRO solution that is designed for your organization.

You maintain control of all business decisions and operations, while the co-employer manages the employee-related aspects of your company.


HR now plays the strategy role and is a organizational business partner instead

Service Culture

HR is also aligned with organization wide Customer service objectives and culture


HR can now advise the business on performance and staffing


HR achieves greater engagement, translating to better and higher employee morale


Higher Utilization of People & Assets. Upfront Productivity, 30-40% cost savings over term


Focus on core competency.Up to 15% savings from global standard processes, and best practice implementation


Driving Business Value. Increased Productivity to focus on strategyHR as a strategic partner

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