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Best HR Outsourcing Partner


We are humbled and honored to have been awarded the prestigious Gold Award for the category of “Best HR Outsourcing Partner’ at the HR Vendors of the Year 2020 Ceremony. The ceremony, held virtually last night, proved highly successful for us. Our dynamic and capable HR team, led by Kabil Shamsuri, has proven once again that we are indeed outstanding performers in our field.

We here at Brandt International are grateful and determined to continue providing only the best HR Outsourcing services to our clients, old and new. We are especially indebted to our longstanding clients such as Maxis, for their continued support over the past 12 years. This recognition could not have been possible without the very people we work to provide for – your continued trust in our services is not taken lightly.

This past year has presented a unique set of challenges to us all, but our perseverance in the face of these adversities is ultimately what we will be defined by. We promise to continue our relentless pursuit of excellence in the HR and wider business consulting field. May 2021 bring us all even more fruitful endeavors and success.

Eugene is the Director of Marketing, Commercial and CX at Brandt International. With over 20 years in various industries and start-ups, his passion lies in Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience. He is rather OCD about design and interfaces in particular. Mildly diagnosed with ADHD, he drinks too much coffee and generates ideas at random times all the time.

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