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Outsourcing your HR may be the best strategy for your business

In the Disrupted economy, enterprises have to constantly evolve as competition is no longer confined to the similar industries, states or countries. In order to be able to meet the challenges of today, organizations are transforming themselves rapidly. Customer now expect to receive services that are customer-oriented, and experience-centric. Older business models that propelled much of the growth and success in the past several decades no longer work and in many cases, they are hampering growth.
One aspect that most companies have not thought of outsourcing is HR. Customer service and contact center outsourcing has been practiced for decades so why not HR. Is it because organizations think HR is difficult or impractical to outsource? Recently, there has been many signs of this changing and reports now indicate almost half of organizations surveyed outsource one or more HR functions and almost 90% of surveyed companies with revenues exceeding one billion annually are planning to completely outsource their HR organization. Generally, HRO provides improved employee retention and engagement, overall better benefits for employees and reduced processing costs for payroll and compliance.

In most cases, outsourcing doesn’t need to be all or nothing. Recruitment is traditionally the most outsourced role but also consider the following roles or activities; payroll, expense and employee management. Do you know that your HR organization spends around three-quarters of their time performing routine, transactional work. Data-entry, updates, administrative, compliance and reporting work that can be either outsourced or automated.
Here at Brandt, we have a complete HRO portfolio that covers all the way from talent sourcing (recruitment), pre-payroll (on-boarding, contract, hiring), on-payroll (processing, claims, self-service, compliance, reporting, validating and auditing) to post-payroll (accounting, finance & ERP, rewards & management, and training). In many of the transactional work, we do offer Robotic Process Automation to deliver superior speed, accuracy and results.
Is your HR a cost or a Strategic part of your Business? HR should be focused on the strategy and HRO offers a cost-effective way to help to manage your business without large investments. Here are some of the reasons our clients outsource their HR to us:
1. Improve Business Focus  – One of the biggest obstacles that many mid-sized organizations face is handling the essential aspects of running a business. Sound strange to you?  Once an organization reaches a certain size, the internal management of a business can be sizable. Outsourcing lets a professional HR organization with the skills and scale to handle the transactional and mundane activities, while HR can help grow the business.
2. Risk Management – With many new regulations and requirements today, it can be tedious to ensure complete compliance to all legal and governmental regulations. We are HR professionals with the depth of experience to ensure that we’ll worry about the compliance for you.
3. Source Better  – Searching for talent is a time-consuming and costly affair. Outsourcing allows access to a greater pool of talent and the screening and recruitment processes we have in place ensure that your HR only meets the most suitable candidates.
4. Reduce Costs  – The whole processing of hiring, managing employees and paying them can requirement a sizable investment and in some situations, outsourcing all or parts of this processes or functions can actually reduce costs, allowing HR to focus on Employee Engagement and Retention which is higher value work for your HR organization.
Our Brandt HR and Business Consultants bring vast practitioner experience in process design, simplification, digitization, automation, change management, and agile transition and transformation. Whether you need a trusted reliable partner to manage your payroll, talent source or to provide complete Employee Management, drop us a message or give us a call.

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