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8:00PM, Tuesday, 21 July 2020



Welcome to the Post-Pandemic World

The whole world examines the movement out of the COVID 19 emergency state.

This is true for individuals, for families and for companies alike. Different companies and businesses experienced this crisis in a different way.

Some were hyper- active. Some reduced their activities, and some were almost shut down completely.

In the dawn of the new era following the crisis there is a need for teams and organizations to regroup and restart their activities.

Teams and organizations will need to create the new phase together with high level of alignment and engagement and to move forward together in a focused way.

The process offered here is structured, short and with high impact towards the coming days. It involves three sessions and activities between them.

Brandt's Training & Learning Virtual classrooms feature a mix of instructor led video face to face and webinar sessions, small group virtual classes as well as 1-to-1 coaching sessions to allow for maximum learning and productivity.

What can you expect?

An interactive, engaging webinar and video classroom that is designed to be compact, yet effective. We deliver the sessions over a few days to ensure maximum learning while giving time to participants to reflect and internalize  the material as well as be able to participate actively in each session. Most classes will span several days with each online session lasting around 2 to 3 hours. Follow-up coaching and mentoring small groups or 1-to-1 sessions are optional.

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Our classroom series approach uses the building block methodology and you can leverage our offerings depending on your specific needs in your organization.

Exploring Change focuses on the human side of change, designed for the individual mindset to support Organization strategy & the road-map.

Agile Move is designed to create the agile mindset within the organization. It focuses on the principles and governance around agility and rapid decision making.

Apples & Oranges is to teach Business Acumen to all employees. It is playful, but insightful. Full of challenges and teamwork required to navigate a business between profit and loss. [ Click for more ]

Leading Virtual Teams is a special program designed for today and the future as teams and people work remotely or in separate offices and locations. It focuses on skills and methodologies in managing and leading remote teams. [ Click for more ]